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New Movie: “Canary”

Read about Olivia’s newest film, “Canary”, and watch the trailer below. Screen captures from the teaser trailer have been added to the gallery.

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“Canary” is set inside a relationship. He began more than five years ago, shooting around the house with his girlfriend, actress Olivia Taylor Dudley (“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”) and editing the scenes together.

Then he shot some more. And some more. Since he and Olivia lived together, they could call Hodge to shoot whenever they felt like it.

“‘Bellflower’ is a simple story about someone learning how to forgive somebody and take responsibility for themselves,” he said. “In a way, you take that simple story and you make it bigger because that’s what makes it powerful and exciting in a movie. This movie ‘Canary’ has weirdly become the other half of ‘Bellflower.’ It’s not a sequel, but they are two sides of the same coin. Like whatever started with ‘Bellflower’ is finished in ‘Canary,’ and I didn’t want to do that. I fought against it really hard.”
Eventually, they shot an entire movie. And eventually, 18 months ago, Glodell and Dudley broke off their five-year relationship. That became part of the movie, too. They are still friends.

Dudley wrote in an email:

“As humans we fall madly in love with another person and then poof, something’s wrong and it’s gone, and you’re left to deal with the mess inside your head. Through this journey we got to go through that mess together. It’s about a relationship between two people that’s no longer working. They decide to dive deep into why and how relationships end. It’s been an intense journey into the deepest darkest parts of relationship. It’s an ever-changing beast of a movie that has made Evan and I confront all our demons and learn how to truly be honest with ourselves. We spent years shooting and reshooting scenes and as we grew in our lives the characters in the movie would change and evolve. We have put our blood sweat and tears into this project just to get to the root of why people behave the way they do.

Some time before the breakup, Glodell saw in a flash what the movie was actually about. He threw the film in a drawer, locked himself up for three weeks, and wrote a new script from scratch. When he emerged, he cross-checked the script against the film and saw he had part of a movie that he could use, some footage he’d have to dump, and a 119-page script that he could use to raise money to shoot the rest. In “Canary,” two lovers discover a machine that manipulates emotions hidden in their home. They begin modifying it and become addicted — ultimately upsetting the balance of nature and opening a passageway to hell.”

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