Welcome to Olivia Taylor Dudley Fan!

Hello & welcome to Olivia Taylor Dudley Fan! I’m very excited to finally get the site online. I still have a ton of pictures & captures to add to the gallery. Over the next couple of months I’ll be working on getting the gallery complete with all of Olivia’s projects.

The gallery is no where near complete so please keep checking back for more updates and gallery additions. I’m hard at work behind the scenes and I hope to have the gallery complete with all of her projects as soon as possible! I wanted to have the gallery full before launching but I didn’t want to miss any more of this season of “The Magicians”. Anyway, please enjoy your visit and come back soon!

The gallery will be caught up with everything “The Magicians” by the end of the week!

Public Appearances Added

The gallery is now contains pictures from all of the events Olivia has attended.

Gallery Links:
238 x Public Appearances > 2017
173 x Public Appearances > 2016
031 x Public Appearances > 2015
079 x Public Appearances > 2012
013 x Public Appearances > 2011

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